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        1. Respect for intellectual property laws 

All the information, documents and visuals published on the padesignartonline website are protected by intellectual property legislation, in particular copyright. You cannot under any circumstances use, distribute, copy, reproduce, modify, alter, or transmit the padesignartonline website, or elements thereof, such as texts, images, sounds, designs, or logos without prior written permission of PAD Paris SAS. By using and posting all of this information, the padesignartonline website does not imply any assignment of rights or license of rights to the trademark or logo appearing therein. PAD Paris SAS reserves the right to pursue any act of infringement of intellectual property rights, including in the context of criminal proceedings. The images or photographs of people, places, objects, works, or products appearing on the padesignartonline website are the property of PAD Paris SAS and / or are used with the consent of the rights holders. The use of these images or photographs is prohibited without specific and express authorization from PAD Paris SAS. Any unauthorized use may result in a violation of copyright, image reproduction rights, human rights, intellectual property rights or any other regulations applicable to communications or advertising and is liable to engage the responsibility of his author. 


        2. General warning

The company PAD Paris SAS or any other party contributing in relation to the padesignartonline website cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect or other damages, which could result from the access or the use of the padesignartonline website or the information appearing there, including any damage or virus that could infect your computer equipment or any other property. The site editor declines all responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be noted, despite the care taken in producing and updating the information published on the padesignartonline website. The mention of companies, objects, products, works, is only intended to inform visitors and in no way constitutes a recommendation to buy companies, objects, products, works presented on the padesignartonline website.


        3. Hyperlinks

The padesignartonline website provides links from the platform to other affiliated and non-affiliated websites. These sites are independent from the padesignartonline website, which does not edit or control these sites. We remind you that affiliated and non-affiliated websites are subject to their own terms of use and privacy protection policies. 


        4. Access to the PADesignartonline website

 PAD Paris SAS reserves the right for any reason and at its own discretion to terminate, modify, suspend or interrupt access to the padesignartonline website or part of the padesignartonline website, including the functionalities or hours of availability without prior notice.


        5. The PADesignartonline website is a search engine

 As a platform, the site is neither an agent nor a fiduciary. It is not a party to the sales contract between the galleries or manufacturers present on PADesignartonline and visitors to the site. These sales contracts, whatever the conditions, do not engage the responsibility of the owner of the site who is not in any way concerned with their ending. In particular, the company PAD PARIS SAS (or the company to be created) does not guarantee the authenticity of the furniture and artworks presented on its platform, nor their quality or state of conservation, nor the accuracy of the information concerning them, nor finally their transport. The PADesignartonline company has no control of any kind over the works on its site.

No work is inspected by the padesignartonline website, its authenticity remaining entirely the responsibility of the galleries. All works are sold "as is" in the condition in which they are found at the time of sale. No partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchisee-franchisor relationship is intended or created by the operation of this site.

Any registered or unregistered user has access to and can browse a database of photographs of objects from exhibitors at PAD Paris and PAD London. These photographs are structured according to a classification established by PAD. The user can do a targeted cross-search in the database using the different search tabs - category, PAD edition, gallery - or keywords previously defined by padesignartonline.

Any user registered on the site can select photographs of objects and add them to his dedicated personal account and contact the gallery to request additional information concerning the object.