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The Chastel-Maréchal Gallery focuses on the promotion and re-discovery of important twentieth century French designers, in particular those working between 1930 and 1970. The range of artists represented provides a cogent overview of this period, and many of the works shown are extremely rare and have never previously been seen on the art market. Aline Chastel is currently exhibiting a range of pieces by artists who also worked as interior designers. These include the unusual creator Line Vautrin, who became famous in the 1950s for her incredible mirror-sculptures, Serge Roche, known for his baroque-inspired creations, not to mention Jean Royère, Gilbert Poillerat, Marc Du Plantier, André Arbus, Yonel Lebovici…; an important place is given to the French ceramic with creators such as André Borderie, Pierre & Vera Székely or Georges Jouve. The gallery is also very active in the rediscovery of the Brazilian design with well-known creators as Jose Zanine Caldas or Joaquim Tenreiro. Well, the contemporary creation, with Joy de Rohan Chabot artworks, dialogue with these creators from the past.